Pie Poll Results Are In!

Pie Poll Results Are In!

Our November contest for favorite pie flavors at the Library was a hit! We have tallied the votes and the results are in…..


Congratulations: Apple Pie!



  • Apple Pie
    • “It is the only pie I like.  And I eat it the day before Thanksgiving in the peace and quiet.”
    • “It is sweet and IT IS SO GOOD!”
    • “Best and classic flavor.”
    • “Apple pie because it has a nice thick crust and it is juicy and sweet.”
    • “Please follow along with the story…apple pie.  The End.”
  • Pumpkin Pie
    • “It makes me feel so happy and I love making it with my dad.”
    • “It is my favorite out of all my grandma’s pies.”
    • “It tastes better than the rest.”
    • “Because you can’t beat a classic.”
    • “Pumpkin=W”

Check some tasty honorable mentions below:

Chocolate Cream Pie 

Chocolate Pudding Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

Blueberry Pie 


Lemon Lime Pie

Fruit of the Forest Pie

Cherry Pie

Peach Pie 

Shoofly Pie


We had so much fun with this passive program here at the Library and hope you enjoyed it too. We will be sure to do one again soon!

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