The adult collection features popular works of both fiction and non-fiction. Our book collection has approximately 20,000 titles in print. In addition, we offer a variety of newspapers, magazines and audiobooks as well as music and film selections. See below for an overview of the collection.


Fiction: We collect a wide-range of titles, from thrillers to romance to literary fiction including both new and established authors.

  • Large Print: These are mostly bestsellers in fiction but some non-fiction works are available too.
  • Mysteries are housed separately from fiction and are both classic and current.
  • Science Fiction is housed separately and are mostly classic titles.

Non-Fiction: We purchase a variety of new non-fiction books which are shelved according to the call number. A few genres are shelved separately by type, including:

  • Biography: Shelved separately alphabetically by the last name of the subject of the book.
  • Career & Education, including test prep, college info, resume and interview guides.
  • Travel Books: We have a small but current selection of travel guidebooks.
  • Oversize: Large books in many topics are shelved on the back wall. Most of these are art books, cookbooks and history titles.
  • YA: non-fiction books with a yellow YA label indicated books are appropriate for Young Adults.

Magazines and newspapers: We purchase a variety of dailies, weekly, and monthly periodicals.

  • About 75 different periodicals are on subscription.
  • Bound copies of The Pelham Weekly dated from 1997 to 2015 are made possible by Maggie Klein, Ed.
  • Older local papers are on Microfilm at the Pelham High School.


AudioBooks:  We collect current and some classic titles on CD and more recently Mp3 formats.

Fiction Audiobooks are arranged as a browsing collection alphabetically by author. Mystery titles are interfiled with spine labels.

Non-Fiction Audiobooks: We purchase mainly history, memoir, travelogs and biographical works in this collection. Some ESL works are also available.

  • Modern Scholar Series: These are college-level lecture series on a variety of topics/subjects. There are in CD format and come with a book.
  • Pimsleur Language Series: Learn a new language or practice your skills. We have a variety of languages to select from. We also have a smaller collection on Mp3 that includes a booklet in pdf.

Music: A small collection of CDs focusing on popular releases is available. These are arranged as a browsing collection by popular genres.

Films and Movies

We collect new and classic film and movies on DVD.

  • Popular Works: Are shelved as a browsing collection by alphabetically by title.
  • Foreign: These are both independent and studio films, shelved alphabetically or by call number.
  • Non-Fiction: Includes documentaries, instructional videos, travel and exercise videos.

Digital Collections

Through our membership in the Westchester Library System (WLS) we offer a range of eBooks, EAudiobooks as well as a number of research resources and learning tutorials for your use and enjoyment. Please see our elibrary page.

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