An eleven-member board of volunteers governs the Library. There is also a treasurer, which is not a voting position.


Margaret Breuninger, Secretary
Catherine Campbell, Vice President
Michelle Dvorkin
Karen Fellner
Robert Gimigliano
Emily Gest
Keith Keaveny
Jennifer Meyer
Terrence Mullan, President
Lisa Robb
Judy Shampanier
One vacancy

Town Liaison – Maura Curtin

Town of Pelham Public Library Trustee Statement

This is your Library. Our mission is to provide you with the finest free public library materials and services obtainable, consistent with the prudent expenditure of public funds. We believe that in today’s world, library materials and services should include not only traditional books, periodicals and friendly checkout procedures, but also access to newer forms of information and learning, including digital media and computer databases. Our goal is to help you learn to use these resources, and we welcome your questions and suggestions.

Your Library should offer the widest possible selection of educational, cultural and informative programs of interest to the community. While our physical capacities may be limited, our creativity is not. If you feel we could do more or better, please let us know.

This is your Library. We want to be responsive to your needs and concerns. In turn, you should recognize our obligation to be responsive to the needs and concerns of others in the community. We are committed to the principles of intellectual freedom and respect for the individual, and will strive to provide people of all ages, abilities, tastes and backgrounds with access to library materials and services that reflect diverse interests and points of view.

Adopted by the Town of Pelham Library Board of Trustees, May 14, 1997


Board Meeting Dates 2021

January 13: Approve 2021 Operating Budget

March 3: Approve 2020 Annual Report

April 7: Agenda can be found here.

May 5: Agenda can be found here.

July 7: Approve any library construction grant applications. Notice about attending this meeting can be found here.

July 27: Special Board Meeting @ 7 p.m.

August 18: Special Board Meeting. Click here for details.

September 14 (new date): Nominate trustees and approve slate of officers starting October 1. Agenda can be found here.

October 6: Approve 2022 Proposed Budget Proposal to town. Agenda can be found here.

November 3: Approve 2022 holiday closings and 2022 board meetings.

December 8:

Meetings are held during most months of the year, generally on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm and are held at the Library. The public is welcome to attend. After a meeting, a draft version of minutes is posted prior to being approved at the subsequent meeting.

You can access the draft and approved Board Meeting Minutes page here.


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