Children’s Summer Reading Program

Children’s Summer Reading Program

The Town of Pelham Public Library is using the online platform READsquared for summer reading for 2024. Participants should register, enroll in our program, and then log their reading minutes on their READsquared account in order to earn rewards. To view a video on YouTube explaining the sign-up process, click here.  If you prefer to sign up in person or are having any trouble with the online platform, please stop by the Library and we will register your children. You can also call us at 914-738-1234 or email us at

As in the past, all prizes will be sourced from local Pelham businesses, such as cookies from Little Bird Cookie Company and certificates for slices of pizza from 4 Corners Pizza and ice cream cones from Flour Power. Be sure to visit the prize store of READSquared to choose what you want to use your points towards. Once you’ve selected your prize, visit our reference desk to pick them up.

Registration Instructions:

  1. To register go to:
  2. From there click on Register on the top right.
  3. On the next page choose either Register myself or register myself + other readers. If you are the parent please press “register myself and other readers.”
  4. Next you will sign yourself up. Remember that if you are the parent you will leave the program empty because your kid(s) will be the ones to join. Press continue once you’ve selected an age and program if applicable. 
  5. Next you’ll fill in information about yourself and make your login. Once you have done this you will receive an email with your username. This is handy if you forget it next time you want to log in.
  6. Now you can start adding any children to your account. Start by selecting the reader’s age and program for them to join. DO NOT CLICK THE “DONE ADDING READERS” BUTTON! Click continue regardless of how many children you plan to register. 
  7. After you click continue you will be able to fill in the name and program you want the child to be enrolled in. You can also make a login for them if you like but this is NOT required. Once you have filled in your child’s information please press “Done Adding Readers”. 
  8. Now you will be brought to the dashboard. On the left hand side you will see a menu. This is where you can switch between profiles to log reading. Please choose your child’s name from the drop down menu:

Logging Reading Instructions

  1. Once you have selected your child’s name you will be brought to their dashboard. From here you can press the log button.
  2. Please record how many minutes your child has read in the next pop up menu. You will need to provide the title and author of the book your child has read. Once complete press submit.
  3. Once you press submit you will get a pop up message about how many points this reading session has earned for your child.

Redeeming Points for Prizes Instructions

Our summer reading prizes are hosted in the prizes section.

      1. To redeem your points for a prize, log into your read squared account (go to your child’s profile on the left hand side if you are helping them with it) and click on “Prize Store” towards the center of your homepage.
      2. On the following page click “Buy Prizes” to get to your store.
      3. From here you will get a pop up with your prize options. Remember that you can save up your points to earn greater prizes. At the top of this pop up will be the total points you’ve accumulated. 
      4. Click “buy prize” to choose how to use your points. Once you’ve done that swing on by the library to pick up your prize!
      5. If you forget what prizes you’ve selected simply press the “my prizes” button to see them. This will update once prizes have been redeemed in the library as well.

You can redeem your points for gift certificates for the following rewards:

  • 60 points or 1 hour = one bird cookie from Little Bird Cookie Company (maximum of two per reader)
  • 180 points or 3 hours = one slice of pizza from 4 Corners (maximum of two per reader)
  • 300 points or 5 hours = one child-size ice cream cone from Flour Power (maximum of two per reader)

You also have the option of selecting a book to take home in lieu of a food prize.

All Participants Are Invited to a Final Party on Friday, August 16th!

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