Italian-American Heritage Resources

Italian-American Heritage Resources

With the Bronx’s Little Italy just a little ways away, Pelham has a rich Italian-American history and a vibrant Italian and Italian-American community. Whether you’re exploring your Italian heritage, or just starting to learn the language, planning a trip to Assisi, or just hopping over to Arthur Ave, take some time to read-up on Italian history and culture, and the impact that Italians and Italian-Americans have made. 

National Organizations and Websites

Italian Genealogical Group (IGG)

The IGG is a non-profit dedicated to promoting Italian family history. They provide databases, resources, educational initiatives, and support for people interested in researching their Italian ancestry.

Italian Welfare League

Since 1920, the Italian Welfare League has gone from helping Italian immigrants find work, to helping Italian-American children and families who are ill, or who have suffered emotional trauma.

National Italian-American Foundation (NIAF)

NIAF offers a range of grants and scholarships to support and promote Italian-American youth, hosts educational programs, and holds events for policymakers and professionals about Italy, Italian-American relations, and Italian-American history and culture. 

National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW)

NOIAW was founded in 1980, and is a network for supporting the professional and educational aspirations of Italian-American women, and combating negative stereotypes and expectations. 

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA)

OSDIA is dedicated to promoting Italian-American culture, traditions, language, the legacy of Italian-American ancestors, and their contributions to the U.S. and the world. 

Local Organizations and Websites

Eastchester Italian American Citizens Club (EIACC)

Founded in 1933, the EIACC distributes scholarships to students, funds Italian language classes for Eastchester senior citizens, and is a co-sponsor of the Eastchester-Tuckahoe Columbus Day Festivities.  

Italian American Club of Mahopac

The Italian American Club of Mahopac was founded in 1928 as a benevolent organization to support Italian-American families suffering with illness or death. Today, the club sponsors the Putnam County Columbus Day Parade and other events, supports Italian language and cultural classes with Mahopac High School, and holds a Wine Making and Tasking Competition, as well as Bocce and Briscola tournaments.

Enrico Fermi Cultural Center

Located at the Belmont Branch of the New York Public Library, in the heart of the Bronx’s Little Italy, the Fermi Cultural Center includes a collection of newspapers, books, videos, and audiobooks in Italian, and a range of special programming, exhibits, and special collections related to Italian and Italian-American culture, language, and history.

Italics, Television for the Italian American Experience

In series from CUNY, each monthly episode explores various aspects of the Italian diaspora, Italian-American history and traditions, contemporary Italian-American life, and takes a projected look at the future of the Italian-American community. 

The Tenement Museum

Learn about the Baldizzi family, who immigrated to the United States and lived at 97 Orchard Street during the Great Depression by taking a look at the historical materials the Tenement Museum provides access to. Or, take the Day in the Life: 1933 Tour in-person!

At the Library






Borrow Online


  • My American Dream: A Life of Love, Family, and Food by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich (available as ebook)
  • The Volunteer by Salvatore Scibona (available as ebook)


  • The Italian/American Experience by Louis J. Gesualdi (available as ebook)
  • New York City’s Italian Neighborhoods by Raymond Guarini (available as ebook)
  • Maria Montessori: a Biography by Rita Kramer (available as ebook)
  • Long Island Italian Americans by Salvatore J. LaGumina (available as ebook)
  • Fire at the Triangle Factory by Holly Littlefield (available as ebook)
  • Italian Immigrants by Tyler Omoth (available as ebook
  • The Italian Americans (available as movie)
  • The New Italian American Songbook (available as ebook)


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