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The Library's Book Club Resumes in September: a Chance to Read and Connect with Other Readers

There’s still plenty of summer left, but there’s one enjoyable thing you can do now to get ready for September—start reading some of the books that will be upcoming topics at the Town of Pelham Public Library’s Adult Book C...

The Pelham Library’s Summer Reading Program: “Fizz Boom Read” with Science, a Reading Game, and More!

As surely as summer follows spring, summer at the Town of Pelham Public Library means the Summer Reading Program, a time for loads of enjoyable kid-friendly programs from family movie nights to activities – and the annual reading game!



Children’s Book News

You don’t need to be a scientist to appreciate the astonishing futuristic devices scientist Nikolo Tesla invented more than 100 years ago and that are now gathering cobwebs in a crumbling attic. In the book Tesla’s Attic,...