Computers, Printers & Wi-Fi

Computer Workstations

  • Library Catalog – We have 1 Library Computer Catalog for your use. Otherwise, our Librarians will be happy to look up a title or two for you. No printing is available from the catalog.
  • Computers for public use. We have 7 Computers and there are configured with Microsoft Office and hardwired to the Internet.
    • Computers are on a first-come, first-served basis. Computer sign-up is managed by PC Reservation software. We will take telephone reservations for a particular time slot for the same day at 738-1234. For more information on Envisionware, our PC Reservation and Print Management software, see our Envisonware FAQ.
    • Westchester County residents must have a library card from their home library to log on to the computer. Visitor passes will be given to guests who do not reside in Westchester County.
    • Users are allotted up to 1 hour per day of Computer time. If no one is waiting we will try to accommodate you for particular needs including applications, tests, etc. Please speak to the Librarian at the Reference Desk before you start your session.
    • Users are encouraged to use a USB drive, aka Thumb or Flash drive, to backup their work. For your own privacy, security, and peace of mind, please do not store documents on the computer. The computers are wiped clean after each reservation session.


  • 1 Black and White and Color HP Networked Printer. The printer is networked to the 7 computer stations and the PC Reservation and Print Management software mentioned above. Jobs are specified and released by the user.
    • Black and White jobs are 15 cents per page.
    • Color jobs are 30 cents per page.
    • Please follow the directions on the coin box exactly otherwise it will cause delays.
    • You may only use cash.
    • You may only use paper provided in the printer.
    • For further information please see the Envisonware FAQ linked above.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • 1 Access Point is available and accommodates up to approximately 20 users simultaneously.
    • Unsecured access. There is no security on the Library’s Wi-FI. Please do not shop or transmit any private or sensitive information like a credit-card or Social Security Number over this open network.
    • The Reference Table has electrical outlets for users’ laptops and other handheld devices.
    • Printing is available for wireless users. See our Wi Fi Printing page.
    • Users must agree to our End User Agreement (EUA) which requires compliance with all applicable laws. This includes, but is not limited to, infringement of third-party copyrights or any other intellectual property rights. Users are discouraged from using BitTorrent applications. If any user is found in violation of the EUA his or her computer privlidges may be curtailed.

For further information please see our Computer Internet Wireless Use Policy on the Policy page.

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