Children’s Summer Reading Program

Sign-Up Procedures

  • Sign up has ended: Wednesday, July 31st.
  •  Ice Cream Party passed on Aug 22nd
  • Watch this page for the 2020 Summer Reading Game!

How it Works:

  • A“Timed Reading Record” and a sheet of 50 mini stickers to record 20 minutes read per sticker.


  • Children can collect one prize per day for every three stickers (one hour of reading) during each of the eight weeks the program runs.
  • In order to get a prize from the treasure chest, the child must visit the library during the week and have added a sticker to their reading record since their last visit.
  • Librarians will mark stickers as counted.
  • Children will receive a book prize every nine stickers. Children will be entered in our raffle each time they complete their entire Reading Record, and then will receive a new Reading Record.

Grand Prize:

  • All raffle participants will be entered in a drawing for a final Grand Prize.

Ice Cream Party:

  •  Make-Your-Own-Sundae ice cream party was on Thursday, August 22nd
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