Still Time to Register for WEBS — The Library’s Intensive, Customized Career Counseling Seminar

Still Time to Register for WEBS — The Library’s Intensive, Customized Career Counseling Seminar

For the third time in recent years, the Westchester Library System’s WEBS career and educational counseling service is offering an intensive eight-week career counseling seminar, “Managing Your Career in Changing Times” at the Town of Pelham Public Library. The series is intended for adults of all ages who might be looking for a job, re-entering the workforce, or changing careers.

“The WEBS career development seminar is an opportunity for people to assess themselves and get infused with new ideas, along with getting exposed to all of the career resources available at the library,” said Elaine Sozzi, long-time director of WEBS. “It allows registrants to set new goals and figure out some plans for the future.”

There is still time to sign up to start with the second of the program’s two orientation session, which is on Tuesday, February 21 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Most sessions after orientation will also be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights and the series runs until early April. To register, call the WLS (not the Library) in advance of orientation at 914-674-3612. There are only a few slots left, and participants will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registrants will be asked to compete an online assessment — so that the program can be specifically tailored toward their needs — in addition to attending the orientation and all other sessions.

Professional career counseling can be very expensive, so it’s great to know that, like all Library programs, the WEBS series is free. In addition to being held in Pelham, the course is also currently available at the Somers and Greenburgh Libraries. It is financed by, among others, New York State Library Funds and the Westchester County Government and locally by a gift in memory of Karin and Ted Mayer. The program has helped over 40,000 Westchester residents with their careers over its 36 years of existence.

From Self-Assessments to the Contemporary Job Hunt
The program is geared towards helping people navigate their career paths., One major focus is assessing the path that might be right for each individual. Participants will have a chance to analyze their skills, interests and personalities and explore career alternatives that fit their needs.

While resume prep is part of what the series offers, participants will also explore how to go about the job search, with a special emphasis on how job-hunting has changed since the days of paper resumes and predictable career paths. “It’s the model of know yourself, know where you’re going and know how to get there,” Sozzi explains.

The WLS’ extensive career resources and educational and training programs offered in Westchester will also be covered.

Using Social Media to Connect With a New Career
The program will also look at the role social media can play in securing a job, from building up one’s personal network on LinkedIn to using Twitter to find people in the fields an individual might be interested in.

There is also time to focus on the interview. Participants will learn behavioral interviewing – the technique of being able to provide detailed examples and case studies during job interviews, which brings to life to the laundry list of capabilities on the resume.

The program also will spend time on perhaps the greatest need of every worker these days: to treat one’s career as an ongoing venture. As the days of cradle-to-grave employment are long gone, Sozzi notes, it’s crucial to build an entrepreneurial mindset that takes initiative, seeks out new opportunities and constantly builds on existing skills.

Job Resources at the Library
Even if you’re not planning on signing up for the career counseling seminar, the Library can still be a terrific resource for those on the job hunt, offering everything from online, interactive job-hunting courses to practice tests for those looking to acquire certification in fields ranging from plumbing to nursing. There’s even skill building resources like to help anyone learn software, technology, and creative and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals through a video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

Other invaluable resources include online resume-writing services, job postings, information on companies and industries from resources such as Hoover’s Online, the WLS Education Database of training available in Westchester and a broad list of local and national job banks.

For a full list of career and educational resources, go to the “elibrary” section of Remember that Consumer Reports, which is also listed there, has instructional articles.

This article first appeared at and in the News of Pelham.

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