Take the Library's 10-Minute Survey -- and Help Plan Its Future!

Take the Library’s 10-Minute Survey — and Help Plan Its Future!

We need to hear from you!

The Town of Pelham Public Library and its Board of Trustees encourage all Pelham residents to take a brief survey to share if and how they use the library, so that the Library continues to meet the community’s needs.

You can access the survey directly by clicking here.

It focuses on what books and programming patrons enjoy most and what services might be added to enhance the Library’s value; it is part of an ongoing effort to connect with the community, particularly as the Library develops its new operating plan.

Patrons without Internet access may complete the survey at the Library. It will be open through Friday, April 12.

“We know from the popularity of the Friends of the Library’s Novel Night, which benefits the Library, that Pelhamites are enthusiastic about supporting their library. We want to tap into their enthusiasm to learn more about what we are doing well and where we we could do better,” said Terrence Mullan, President of the Pelham Library Board of Trustees.

Patricia Perito, Director of the Library, said, “While we know how many library cards we’ve issued, the number of books and other materials that have been checked out, and how many people visit the library, we are looking forward to getting more detailed input from everyone in Pelham as we assess how to best allocate resources to meet the community’s needs.”

As part of the effort to learn more about how patrons use the Library, the Trustees hosted several focus groups last year.

Thanks for taking the survey and making the Library even better!